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Ultra HDI – More Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultra-HDI? There is a lot of conversation about “Ultra-HDI” especially with all of the anticipated work being done as part of the CHIPS Act.  In my experience, Ultra-HDI means different things to different people depending on where…

PCB Stackup Basics

In comparison to the build-up of a PCB, the stackup is more concerned with the electrical type of each layer. Material thicknesses or what dielectrics are used is of less importance than which layers are dedicated to what, such as signal (SIG)…

Inverted-F Antenna Design For a PCB

Printed antennas are a very popular option for RF PCBs as they maintain the low profile of a planar device. If you look at some Bluetooth/WiFi capable MCUs, you will likely see an inverted-F antenna along the board edge to provide Rx and Tx…
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